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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

NEWCITY8 website has been closed.

NEWCITY8 website has been closed.
The moderator recommends players to switch to a more trusted betting site.

How NEWCITY8 Became a Top Malaysia Online Casino

Finding an authentic, legal and professional online casino could be difficult in Malaysia. You cannot simply register and share your bank information with any regular online casino website until you are not sure about their security system and privacy. There are thousands of online casino in Malaysia and around the world, but how many of they have licensed to work? How could you rely on them? They could scam you by taking your bank information and run. There are many things you need to care about when it's come to online shopping because you are not actually dealing with the real person from other side or you really can't judge if the online business is really legal or not.

Searching for an online casino in Malaysia is no more difficult. NEWCITY8 is popular Malaysian online casino known for its services, games and security system. They are providing verity of games for gambling. They payout rates are high as compare to other online casino in Malaysia.

Let's take a look to NEWCITY8 online casino in more detail to know why it is the most popular gambling site in Malaysia:

Games they are offering:
NEWCITY8 is offering most online games for gambling in Malaysia and Singapore along with live casino and lottery option. Their slot games section is full with many slot machines and slot games. You can play their games anytime and anywhere because they did not shut down their casino for a second. There popular gambling games for gambling are Sic Bo, Baccarat and Roulette while slot games section contain games like BBIN, BBIN 3D, MAXBET and PLAYTECH, which means that you have so many options to win money through slot games.

4D lottery:
NEWCITY8 provides complete solution for 4-digits lottery, you cannot just buy lottery from NEWCITY8 online casino but you can also get the information about latest 4D results including past results. could be a great place to predict 4D lottery number for next draw.

Live casino:
NEWCITY8 is known for their live casino options. They did not just provide you one game in live casino but there is more than 10 available. The attractive female dealers are available to provide you support for online casino. The live casino section is really fast and work without any glitching. They automatically record your gaming history which means you do not need to worried about in case of electricity goes down or you could not continue to play due to number of reasons, the next time you came to NEWCITY8 online casino, your game will be start from where you leaved it.

Sports betting:
Are you good in sports betting like NFL and football? NEWCITY8 could be a great place for you to bet on sports events live. They has thousands of users who are ready to bet on each sport which means you don't need to worries about competitors to bet.

24 hours live support:
Customers are the first priority of NEWCITY8, that's why they provide 24 hours online support to make sure that their customers received the valued services and do not face any problem during gambling

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