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The IDN Poker. It is the largest onlinepoker Malaysia And Indonesia. The original of the name is the Idnpoker. The poker game is oneof their products. They are having the greatest graphic and the effect in theIDN Poker. On the IDN Poker, it is supporting on the mobile as well as the PC.That’s good to have a varied choice for the players to pick each of them, oreven two. IDN Poker utilizes the latest technology toprovide outstanding online gaming experience. With over 500,000 monthly activeplayers and more than 100 million users with all of their partners. The IDNPoker is considering as the largest Poker network exclusively for Asianplayers. IDN Poker also features a variety of other games in addition to pokerand support multi-currency platform for convenient transactions.

GamingSoft has successfully integrated some of the top poker networks available with its Cash Market Module in its dedication towards providing clients with the best solutions in the eGaming market. In securing these top networks, our clients will enjoy the luxury of enjoying the best choices that will both ensure customer loyalty and revenue. In the event that the client prefers a specific network that has yet to be integrated with GamingSoft’s Cash Market Module, this can be easily done in as quickly as 3 weeks. An additional quality service that we provide as part of this solutions package is the seamless migration of players from one network to another (in the case where a new network is added). For clients who are interested in starting their own network, GamingSoft is available to consult and offer a network software source code to help them achieve this goal.

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