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Friday, October 11, 2019 - The Best Money Game in Malaysia

Stop looking for casino websites in Malaysia. We are MyJDLClub, an online website dedicated to entertainment offering a great variety of casino games for you to enjoy. You are guaranteed to find the most popular and trendy money games in Malaysia. And the best of all? It is add-free! Don’t waste more time, create an account, log in and start playing the top-rated casino games in Malaysia. In our Catalog of games, you will find a very large option of slot and casino games, which includes a live casino, sportbook, live score, slot games, 4D and many others.

Enjoy our bonuses with the top casino games in Malaysia

Sign in now and enjoy our different bonuses. We have the best bonuses because in myJDLclub we care about our customers and players. We want you to get the best rewards in the market, that’s why we are in the top casino websites of Malaysia. You may wonder what are those bonuses about, there is a list of our bonuses and what do you get with them.

  • 100% Welcome Bonus:The new member is required to deposit. Each member can claim the bonus once.
  • 20% Daily Bonus: Members will be loaded with a 20% Bonus on the deposit made. 
  • 10% Daily Bonus: Members will be loaded with a 10% Bonus per deposit made.
  • 918KISS Extra Bonus: Members will be loaded with a 10% Bonus on deposit made.
  • 5% Daily Bonus: Members will be loaded with a 5% Bonus per deposit made.
  • TGIF 5%: Members will be loaded with a 5% Bonus on deposit made.
  • Live Casino Rebate: All active members are entitled to 0.5% cash rebate on their total amount turnover in JDL688 Live Casino only.
  • Jackpot slot 30%: Members will be loaded with a 30% Bonus on deposit made.
  • Daily Slot Cash Rebate 0.8%: All active members are entitled to 0.8% cash rebate on their total amount turnover in JDL688 Slot Games only.
  • Sportbook Rebate: All active members are entitled to 0.25% cash rebate on their total amount turnover in JDL688 Sport only.
  • Birthday Bonanza: JDL688 will credit MYR68 to the eligible member main wallet on the birthday.

For more information, please visit our promotion page

We have the most complete selection of Royal Casino in all Malaysia

Once you are signed in, you will be able to enjoy all of the game modes available in our website. We know you love to gamble, and we know you love casino as well. You definitely will spend hours and hours playing our Live Casino mode. If you are looking for a website where you can play the best royal casino in all of Malaysia, well, you can stop searching. In our Live Casino, you can find Live Dealer Games from different providers such as Allbet, Gameplay Interactive, Playtech, PG, and many others! On the other hand, we also have different game modes within our live casino. You can enjoy the Baccarat games, the Roulette, Sic Bo, and other live games. Sounds good right? Well, it gets even better.
In case you are a sports fanatic, we present you our Sportbook. Sportbook combines two sports betting platforms such as WFT and OneWork. From there you can follow up your favorite teams and sports from any part of the world. With live scores and more than 20 disciplines, it is more than clear that we are the best choice when it comes to betting.

We have the most popular 7 slot online games in Malaysia

We know. You don’t have to convince us, but you love our site already, right? Having the best money games in all of Malaysia is not enough for us. Of course, we want more to offer. This is why we also give you the option to play 7 slot machines online. It is very simple. You can find it on our home page, by the menu bar. There you will see “SLOT”. This is it! It’s that simple, you only need to click and then you will be in the slot game page. We guarantee that you will never get bored with the vast selection of slot games we have ready for you to play in our gallery. You may be wondering what kind of slot games we have for you. Well, first of all, we count with a good amount of developers that collaborate with us to give you the best 7 slot online experience in Malaysia. In MyJDLClub you will find Evoplay entertainment, GG gaming, Gameplay entertainment, Joker, Microgaming, and Kuma Gaming. Don’t waste more time a start playing Jackpot, Tablet Ring and many other live games at

The best option to play SCR888 casino anywhere in Malaysia

Don’t let the computer stop you from playing anywhere you want, and any time you want. When we told you we are the best option to play money games in Malaysia, we meant it. With us, you will enjoy the best SCR888 casino experience in all Malaysia, that’s for sure. SCR888 is now known as 918KISS, which you can find in this link of your website SCR888 is one of the most secure ways to play casino online. It is only offered by authorized and secure online clubs such as ours, so feel free to put your confidence in us. It is the closest experience to a gambling club that you will find online. In the link we showed you above, you can download the different clients we have affiliated with our website. Most of the different game modes we offer, also are available on different platforms. In that way, you will always have your favorite online casino with you. The platform availability will depend on the game and the provider you choose. For example, some games will have the option for Windows, others for Android, and a few more for iOS devices.
As we said, there is no doubt why we are the top-rated online casino in Malaysia. So, lay back, relax, and start playing! Enjoy!

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