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Thursday, October 24, 2019


The online gaming scene in Malaysia has been growing rapidly. There are many people interested in playing the best online roulette, online baccarat or live roulette Malaysia offers. i288 is the perfect top online casino and mobile casino for them, offering all types of games. They offer video and online slots, table games like live roulette and video poker. If you’re interested in real sports you can try sport betting through their sportsbooks too.

The top Online Casino Malaysia
There are a few factors that make i288 one of the top online casino Malaysia has. First, the website is attractive and well designed, featuring a rich, dark purple backdrop and large banners leading to different sections of the website. You can navigate between different sections from a menu at the right too.

The website is divided into 6 sections. First is Sports, for sport betting. The second is E-Sports, which is basically sport betting for various online multiplayer games. Then there is Live Casino, for games such as live roulette, baccarat, poker and other live games. The next section is Slots, where a huge number of online slot games are featured. The 4D and Promotions sections are for the lottery and to check ongoing promotional offers.

The best place to play Online Roulette Malaysia
If you’re interested in playing the best online roulette Malaysia offers, i288 is the top online casino. They have live games such as live roulette, poker, etc, from a variety of providers. The list of providers include Spade Gaming, Allbet, WM, SA Gaming, Ezugi, Big Gaming, and more. New providers are added from time to time, so be sure to check back occasionally.

The different versions of online roulette are also available, such as American Roulette, European Roulette or French Roulette. These games can be played as both video and as live roulette. Playing live roulette is very popular, as it provides you with a much more immersive experience.

The best games of Online Baccarat Malaysia offers
There are many table games available at i288. If online roulette doesn’t hold your interest, you could play online baccarat instead. There are many different types of table games available at this casino. Games such as poker, blackjack, keno, craps, and so on can all be played at i288.

Many of these games also have live versions. As online baccarat is very popular, it has a live version as well. Just like live roulette, playing live baccarat feels much more immersive.

Top Online Slot Malaysia
No online casino is complete without a great selection of online slot games. i288 has one of the largest and best libraries of online slot Malaysia has to offer. There are hundreds of online slot games here, from a wide range of providers. The list of providers include Spade Gaming, Q Tech, Top Trend Gaming, TC, Club Sun City 2, Big Gaming and 918Kiss

These online slot games are all based on various characters and settings from pop culture and mythology. Some of the most popular online slot games include Triple Panda, Gold Panther, Jungle King, Super Wild Diamonds, Genie Jackpot, Wild Antics, and a lot more. Each online slot game has a unique theme and unique rewards.

What if neither slot games nor online roulette and other table games hold your interest? In that case, i288 still has many things to offer you. You can place sport bets, or try out the 4D lottery.

Make the most exciting Sport Bet Malaysia
If you’re not interested in online baccarat or online slot games, sport betting is for you. At i288, some of the most exciting sport bet Malaysia has can be found. You can get the thrill of gambling and winning through sport bets. By betting on your favourite teams during their match, you can share their victory. They win the match, and you win some money at the same time!

Sport betting also has a good deal of strategy involved. If none of your favourite teams are playing, you can bet on likely winners. Doing the research to find out who to place your sport bets on can be fun on its own!

Play the best games from 918kiss Malaysia
“What if I don’t have a PC to play on?” No problem at all! That’s what 918kiss Malaysia is for. 918kiss Malaysia is one of the most popular and well known mobile casino platforms in Malaysia. From i288’s website, navigate to the online slots section. After finding the tab for 918kiss, download their app.

Through 918kiss, you can play some of the top online casino games from your mobile. Their game lobby offers many games, such as Sic Bo, online Baccarat, online Blackjack, Hold ‘Em, Casino War, Thunderbolt, Poker Three, etc.

The best place for 918kiss Download Malaysia
While you can find a 918kiss download on other places, this casino should be your first option. The 918kiss download section on i288’s website has direct links. You can select the type of phone you are using, whether Android or iPhone, and get the correct link. You can also scan a QR code that will take you directly to the download.

i288 has the best and most safest link for 918kiss download Malaysia casinos have. Other casinos may not be as reliable.

The top Mobile Casino Malaysia brings you
Online gaming is all the rage nowadays. People don’t want to be forced to sit in front of a computer for online gaming. The solution is simple: play on a mobile casino. Out of all the top online casinos, i288 is the best mobile casino Malaysia has.

A mobile casino is extremely convenient for everyone. You can take out your phone at any time. Feeling bored on the train? Just open up the i288 mobile casino website and start enjoying yourself. You can easily play a short game of live roulette or online baccarat. Or you could make a few quick spins on an online roulette. Or you could stay up to date on your sport bets and make new ones as needed. There is an amazing number of possibilities!

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