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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Grand Dragon Casino

Grand Dragon is one of Cambodia’s largest group activities in casinos, manufacturing, trading, service, property, entertainment, and investment companies. The casino is located in Chreythom, Kandal Province, Kingdom of Cambodia。

Grand Dragon is a leading Cambodia-based gaming and entertainment company known for its premier properties characterized by innovative architecture, state of the art casino floors and superior dining, lodging and entertainment offerings. Our focus on the total entertainment experience and the highest quality guest service has earned it a leading market position。

Under compliance with all casino zoning requirement, Grand Dragon is allowed to operate gaming tables, gaming Slot Machines, Online gaming and Proxy Gaming catering to a diverse range of customers。

Trustworthy & guarantee

As one of the senior casino business companies, we believe in the “customer first” principle. With strong consortium support, trustworthy as the basis, we have built up a strong relationship with our valued customers。

Grand Dragon is also providing various types & options of games to players. In constant receiving feedbacks & review of our system, we continue to improve & upgrade our platform to provide customers with constant & continual new excitement in gaming experiences。

Fair & Safe

Player’s safety & gaming fairness are Grand Dragon’s belief and objectives。

Standard gaming tools & equipment are manufactured & provided by one of the world professional casino providers。

Lives dealers & instant video screening
all is seen in life forecast. Through advanced technology in video screening, the player can view lives gaming & observe each game & action clearly in front of him. For example, the dealer starts a new shoe; dealing process & dealer’s appearance is viewed by player online. Each game’s actual result is forecast instantly on what you see online。

Grand Dragon has invested a huge sum of capital on resources & effort on the safety issue of online gaming. Servers we use are well protected to ensure website safety capability. All information is encrypted & password protected. Our database is also well protected through our backend platform operating system. We do not disclose any customer’s information to anyone. All information is treated strictly as private & confidential。

Professional customer service

Grand Dragon provides 24/7 customer service from our trained customer relation officers. We always glad to receive feedback & suggestions from our customers。

Responsible Casino:

  1. Grand Dragon supports a responsible casino. 
  2. We formulate various measures to deal with compulsory casino rules:
  3. Train our staff to identify compulsory legal age or underage casino players & take appropriate actions。
  4. Provide player self-setting of maximum limit。
  5. Upon player’s request, cancel his membership or bar him from entering the gaming site。

Trustworthy as basis, strong & solid capital and top-class hardware & software technology as support, continual research & development as direction, we want to provide an all-rounded online casino service & experience to our valued customers. We wish you happy gaming

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